Thursday, May 14, 2009

On “Beautiful Security”

This is my first post since coming back from vacation; as you can guess, I’ve been busy with work and not with blogging. Still, I just have to celebrate the release of this awesome security book “Beautiful Security” from O’Reilly. I just received my author copies and can’t wait to start reading the other chapters.


Now, I will probably have a high opinion of my own chapter (“Beautiful Log Handling”) since it took some work (eh… and one complete rewrite :-)) to create (this why people LOVE O’Reilly books!!) However, I am just about as excited about the rest of the chapters in the book. Namely:

  1. Psychological Security Traps

  2. Wireless Networking: Fertile Ground for Social Engineering

  3. Beautiful Security Metrics

  4. The Underground Economy of Security Breaches

  5. Beautiful Trade: Rethinking E-Commerce Security

  6. Securing Online Advertising: Rustlers and Sheriffs in the New Wild West

  7. The Evolution of PGP’s Web of Trust

  8. Open Source Honeyclient: Proactive Detection of Client-Side Exploits

  9. Tomorrow’s Security Cogs and Levers

  10. Security by Design

  11. Forcing Firms to Focus: Is Secure Software in Your Future?

  12. Oh No, Here Come the Infosecurity Lawyers!

  13. Beautiful Log Handling

  14. Incident Detection: Finding the Other 68%

  15. Doing Real Work Without Real Data

  16. Casting Spells: PC Security Theater

BTW, authors of this book are not getting paid, but feel free to grab your own copy at Amazon or elsewhere :-)

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