Thursday, December 11, 2008

On Retarded Year-end Security Predictions

‘Tis the season to predict (prediction tracker), BUT it is also a season to make fun of other’s idiotic or super-trivial predictions. Let’s start NOW!

More activity from the cyber underworld” (here)  - ya know, hackers will hack, phishers will phish, spammers will spam type stuff we need more of :-) Deep, deep insight in this.

Computer users can expect to see more spam” (here)  - now that we are on the subject of spam :-)

Someone will unplug the Internet” (here sadly) – no comment, really.

SCADA <anything REALLY bad>” (here) – to be really honest, I have not really seen it yet this year so no link, but it will come. Help yourself to previous year embarrassments :-)

The space <insert this vendor’s space> will be all the rage in ‘09!” (many) – if you are a NAC vendor saying this, you get 10x of the idiocy points. Congrats, you are now in prediction biz too :-)

Year of mobile malware AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN” (here) – the number of dangerous mobile viruses will grow 700% from 1 to 8 :-) [OK, I admit there are more than that, but what is their risk today?]

This would have made it into wonderful entry of “Nobody Is That Dumb ... Oh, Wait XI” (long forgotten series on my blog)

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