Thursday, May 11, 2006

More CISSP Jokes ...

I love CISSP jokes (well, some say it actually IS a joke), and here is one:

Opinion: 'Student' CISSPs put cert's value in jeopardy: "Is the CISSP going the way of the MCSE?" (Why isn't he asking - when did you notice that CISSP went the way of the MCSE?) The issue is that a college started offering CISSP with its undegrad courses. It says "offering the CISSP to undergraduates devalues the credential for those with decades of experience."

The only reasonable response to this would be "he-he" :-) What devalued CISSP is certifying people who only used computers for AOL email (I knew a couple myself...) and folks can barely spell "s-e-c-u-r-i-t-y." For instance, I know of a few of a major equipment company salespeople (!) who went and got the cert after reading "CISSP for Dummies" (check the above link on the no-nonsense site :-))

It further goes "it may not be long before just about anyone lacking experience in the field can be "coached up" to pass the exam." How about "minus 3 years"? Is that "long"?


Pete said...

Nice. Leave it to a "doctor" to ridicule professional credentials. ;-)

Anonymous said...

All designations should be done away with and we should just have people vouch for one another, e.g. "Tony says you are good, so you're good with us!" No amount of studying can really help people understand any discipline because there will be always something they don't know that another person knows - so the only way is to have people - not schools or universities - vouch for others, because people (recognized experts) can't be fooled.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't have made for a good article "CISSP sucks, go home". So "devalues CISSPS with decades of experience it was" ;)

Sean Walberg

Dr Anton Chuvakin