Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nobody Is That Dumb ... Oh, Wait X

A perfect, perfect, perfect candidate for my centennial :-) (i.e. number X ...) "Nobody Is That Dumb ... Oh, Wait" piece. Who is the assclown this time? It is "ISC squares" :-) who sue Google AND Yahoo! because of "hosted" content.

A quote: "The most interesting aspect of this case is that ISC2 also sued Google and Yahoo for trademark infringement for hosting content that contained Degraphenreed's impermissible CISSP usage. Specifically, the complaint alleges that Google hosted six blogs that contained the CISSP mark (at least 2 of which contained the term in the blog title), and that Google refused to take down these blogs after the plaintiff's notice."

OMG! Yes, we all saw CISSPs who only know computers in the form of AOL email and who can't spell "I-D-S", but this is in a class of its own. Stupidity definitely reaches a new low with this piece of news ...

Hey, CISSPs, are you embarrassed of what your organization is doing? Or maybe this is taught as "IP protection" in those bootcamps :-)

Dr Anton Chuvakin