Friday, June 08, 2007

On LASSO and Windows Logging

So, here is the paper that I was involved in on Project LASSO.

"One of the recent open source solutions that enables a critical part of log management is Project LASSO, a Windows-based open source software designed to collect Windows event logs, including custom application logs [AC - that go into Event Log], and provide for the central collection and transport of Windows log data via TCP syslog to any syslog-NG compatible log receivers. Before Project LASSO incorporating Windows server and workstation logs in an overall log management process was extremely onerous."

The main thing that puzzles me about Project LASSO is that many people still don't know that "agentless" /remote Windows event log collection is actually easy and free (with LASSO). I continue to come across folks who are stuck in the 90s and think that "Windows logging = agents." No!!! Nooo!! Noooooo! :-)

Dr Anton Chuvakin