Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Marketing Folks Discover Mr FUD :-)

This blog post from a marketing blog has some interesting thoughts on marketing using fear, using an example of North Korea. Fun quote:

'What is North Korea’s Core Purpose: To keep the current regime in power.

How might its Marketing Department make this happen?

Let's start with a unique value proposition (UVP). What differentiates North Korea from its competitors (Iran, the Taliban, Hezbollah, etc.), each vying for its spot in the world marketplace and doing everything possible to maintain power?

Without products, services, money to invest or a charming personality, if I were offering advice I would recommend fear. North Korea is a scary place and not much else. So, our UVP for North Korea is:

"We guarantee that our promise to change the world is unlike any other. Buy now or pay us later."'

But do read on.

Dr Anton Chuvakin