Friday, August 25, 2006

Jokes Aside!

So, here is something different! A lot of infosec folks (such as Bruce Schneier) made fun of recent airline restrictions (even though in Texas at the airports they actually announce that "jokes about security can get you arrested." Seriously!) Some jokes involved people taking clothes off for "extra security," like here and here at Ryanair site.

But guess what? This actually is much less funny than you think! Our beloved Stratfor reported recently: "officials said they had arrested a man carrying false papers and an apparent suicide bomb -- designed to be sewn into a pair of men's underwear" (subscription required, but surely you read Stratfor already!)

Further, they continue that "a female suicide bomber in Colombo, Sri Lanka, detonated a bomb that was concealed in her brassiere July 7"

Now,  do you wonna laugh?!

Dr Anton Chuvakin