Friday, July 14, 2006

More on log management as a market

Here is a fun bit from the ever-so-enlightening Mike Rothman. I am quoting it in its entirety:

"Finally, I didn’t see the log management market happening in January, but it’s here. Many of the SIM vendors are trying to re-position in this space, and for one or two it may even work. But there will be the inevitable consolidation here as well, but more likely with systems management vendors (IBM, HP, CA) or storage folks (EMC, NetApp) breaking out the checkbook as opposed to Big Security. The main buyer for Log Management is the compliance guy, not the security guy – making it more of a systems management/storage discipline over time."

The latter part of the comment I attribute to the ongoing compliance with big things like ITIL and COBIT, which apply to IT governance, and not just to the "SOX of the day" :-)

Dr Anton Chuvakin