Friday, April 28, 2006

Do you Work for One of Those? Signs that Your Employer is Sinking!

Very fun read for techies and non-techies alike. Check your employer for those signs and shudder :-)

Six Early Signs That a Company Could Be Headed for Failure - Los Angeles Times: "Here are six early warning signs of potential trouble:

Not being focused on the core business: Straying from the business' main product or service is a common problem.

A headstrong CEO: It takes a strong will to start and run a business, but that disposition can make it difficult for advisors to convince an entrepreneur or small-business owner that unwelcome changes are necessary.

Conversion to a new computer system: Combining computer accounting and operations systems looks like a great idea on paper, and many companies make the change without a serious hitch.

Lack of a timely cash-flow forecast. [...] Do all businesses understand that? No. The ones who stay in business do.

Lack of clarity on the profitability of each customer and product. This is one of the first things a turnaround specialist will look at. A successful company will periodically analyze what's driving its cash flow. "

Dr Anton Chuvakin